NMB provides services from project planning all the way through to project execution. Our team consists of business specialist with scientific backgrounds offering dedicated support in the following areas.

Project Planning & Management

Our team has planned and managed many national and international projects covering all aspects from defining project goals to assessing risks, planning the budget and managing the execution of the project. If you require help planning and managing your next business or research project, NMB will support you and your team in a integrative and flexible way.


Grants are a great opportunity to fund your next project. Our team has secured many business and research-focused national and international grants over the years. Based on that knowledge, we are offering grant searching and grant application writing services supporting you securing the funding for your future projects.

Scientific Research & Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program (SR&ED)

The SR&ED program provides tax incentives to Canadian businesses that conduct research and development in Canada. If you faced technical challenges or uncertainties that you solved in an iterative or scientific way you may qualify for this tax incentive. Our team has written many successful SR&ED applications and we are looking forward to discuss how we can help you securing this incentive.


NMB offers bioinformatics services from basic research all the way through to validated medical software solutions. We have extensive experience in cross-domain projects bridging diverse areas of science and IT including scientific data analysis, development of data-based solutions as well as developing validated software for medical device submissions where compliance to regulatory standards is critical.

Business Planning

Our team of entrepreneurs has developed many different business ideas and written many business plans over the years. Contact us if you are interest in our support to shape your new business.