1. Who we are?
NMB is a specialist company offering a variety of research and business services

2. What data do we collect?
Our website has the sole purpose of providing information and we are therefore not collecting any personal information from its visitors.

3. Links and hosting
Our privacy policy applies to our website only. We are not responsible for the privacy policies of websites of other organizations – whether we refer to them or are referred by them via links. In addition, our website hosting provider HostPapa has its own privacy policy which you can find here.

4. Cookies
Our website does not use cookies.

5. How can you reach us?
In case you have any questions or complaints please contact us at info@nmbresdev.com.

6. Changes to the website
Any changes to the website may also lead to changes in the privacy policy. We therefore encourage visitors to consult the privacy policy on a regular basis.

This website is provided by us on an “as is” basis and we will not be liable for damages in any kind arising from the use of our website or websites we refer to via links.

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